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Why Tora

72% of Gen Z
are Lonely

Technology is advancing exponentially, innovation is booming. However there are some side effects....


Instant parcels, Instant delivery, Instant food, Online learning, Endless streaming. The need to leave our homes has been massively reduced in the last 15 years.


The super-computer's in our pockets should have another purpose, not to distract us from the world but to shine a light on what's around us.

The Era of Convenience

Existential Dread

In a world full of information, news and the rise of climate change.

We need to find ways to look for the positives, to have fun, to be playful and to connect with each other, and our surroundings.

Inside all of us, is a need to explore, to learn, and to experience new things. We are born adventurers, the need to discover is in our DNA.

The need to


Instead of being 'users' to massive tech companies,  one of our key values is to allow people to re-claim autonomy of themselves and the city, so that we can...

Tora is adventure game that allow's you to be the protagonist of your own story, so that you can follow your intuition and engage your inner spark.

Become our own narrator's

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"The Secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new"

- Dan Millman

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