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The Genius Behind Tora's Tech: Curtis Northam

The Real Curtis Northam:

Let me introduce you to Curtis, the brains behind the scenes at Tora. He's not one for the spotlight, but his passion for coding and community impact is as real as it gets. With over a decade in the field, Curtis is the steady hand that keeps our tech ship sailing smoothly.

A True Tech Enthusiast:

Curtis isn't in it for the glory. He's genuinely enthusiastic about the possibilities that technology holds, especially when it comes to making a positive difference in re-connecting communities.

His quiet & consistent dedication and unwavering commitment to our mission are the driving forces behind Tora's tech innovations.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Tech Whiz:

You won't catch Curtis bragging about his accomplishments. He's a regular welsh lad with an extraordinary talent for all things tech. Whether he's sipping his tea or a monster Energy at 4am solving a deadly bug, his genuine approach to problem-solving and his knack for simplifying complex tech concepts are what makes him a true standout.

The Heart of Tora's Tech Success:

In a world where technology can sometimes feel distant and impersonal, Curtis is the heart that keeps our tech endeavour's grounded. With Curtis at the helm, we're confident that Tora is in the best hands possible.


Professional Experience

Over 11 years of hands-on experience as a Full Stack Developer.

Self-Taught Expertise

Backend Proficiency

Front-End Excellence:

Diverse Skill Set

Project Vision:

Community Impact:

In Curtis, we've found not just a CTO, but a true partner in our quest to use technology for good. He's not just building an app; he's building a bridge to a more connected and compassionate future.

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